BAŞ YAZI Editorial: They all have dirt on their hands

The Hrant Dink murder is seen by the ruling party as a weapon that can be used against the Gülen movement. This is an ugly plan in which one of the country’s greatest tests of justice is being instrumentalized.
ORTA SAYFA This is the best response to those who say ‘Armenians should bring out their documents’

Zakarya Mildanoğlu’s book ‘Armenian Periodicals 1794-2000’ has been published by Aras Yayıncılık. Mildanoğlu’s work brings together around 3650 Armenian periodicals from the year 1794, when the first Armenian newspaper Aztarar was published, until the year 2000. We talked with Zakarya Mildanoğlu about his book which is the product of around 30 years of work, and the over 200 year history of Armenian periodicals.