NEWS Yılmazer: Dinç had inexplicable relations

In Dink case, Director of Office C of the General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Ali Fuat Yılmazer started to present his defence. Yılmazer accused the personnel of Istanbul and Trabzon directorates of security. He pointed out former chief of General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Engin Dinç's relations with Trabzon gendarmerie personnel; he said, “Dinç had inexplicable relations.” He also talked about Ergenekon and KCK operations.
NEWS Dink case starts

10th round of hearings of Dink murder case will continue today in Istanbul. Friends of Hrant was in front of the court house.
NEWS Dink case: Sabri Uzun presented his defence

Sabri Uzun, who was the chief of Security General Directorate Intelligence Branch before the murder, presented his defence in trial of the public officials who are suspects of Dink murder. Uzun said that the intelligence reports stating that Dink will be murdered hadn't been presented to him and he added that Dink murder is a plot against nationalists.