NEWS From Agos' archive: How were two Armenian deputies killed?

Today, in Agos' archive, there is the story of 2 Armenian deputies who were killed in 1915. They are two of the seven deputies that HDP MP Garo Paylan brought to the parliament's agenda by his demand for investigation. Rober Koptaş, in his article written in 2013, told about the process that led to the killing of Istanbul Deputy Krikor Zohrab and Erzurum Deputy Vartkes Serengülyan.
SPECIAL REPORTS Agos' archive: Once, there was Saruhan

Today, in Agos' archive, there is an article by Sarkis Seropyan, who passed away last year and who was the Armenian editor and the "memory" of Agos.Seropyan commemorates Aleksandr Saruhan, the only world-renowned Armenian caricaturist, on the anniversary of his death.