NEWS Being a Syrian child in Turkey

Development of Social and Cultural Life Association (SKYGD) conducted a field study in order to examine the life conditions, expectations and problems of Syrian children living in Turkey. 100 children living in various districts of Istanbul had been interviewed and a report titled as “Being a refugee children in Turkey” is issued. The report shows that the most fundamental demand of the children is to go on their education, which they are deprived of because of financial problems.
TURKEY What about the others?

Preparations for giving Turkish citizenship to Syrians reminded AKP's previous promises to diaspora Armenians and Greeks. Scholars studying on this topic assessed the discussions of citizenship for Agos.
CULTURE AND ARTS Hope raises a Syrian bookstore from the ground

Around the corner from the Chora church sits a wooden building, a cultural hub for the city’s burgeoning Syrian population. This month, Pages, one of Istanbul’s two Arabic book stores, tucked carefully between the back streets of Edirnekapi, is celebrating its first anniversary.