NEWS “'Alevis to the grave, Christians to Beirut' is still a common slogan”

Working in various international human rights associations, Harout Ekmanian made a presentation in "Critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in 21st Century". Being an Armenian from Aleppo, Ekmanian follows the war in Syria as an observer in order to record the violations of rights and war crimes. We talked to Ekmanian about Syria, focusing on the Armenian community in Aleppo, which he knows very well.
NEWS Turkey bombarded PYD

On Saturday, Turkish Military Forces (TSK) fired howitzers from Kilis to the regions around Menagh Airport near Azaz province. Menagh Airport was seized by PYD few days ago.
WORLD Geneva meetings officially start

After 2 years, Geneva meetings started yesterday. UN Syria Representative Staffan de Mistura, the moderator of the meetings, met with the opposition yesterday and today, he will meet with the delegation of Esad Regime.