NEWS Amnesty International: more than 100,000 public sector employees denied a future

Amnesty International, in a report concerning dismissed public sector workers, stated: "The blanket nature of the dismissals, the fact that the dismissed include trade union, political or human rights activists and known critics of the government from conservative sections of society, and the broader crackdown on dissent that has included the jailing of more than 120 journalists awaiting trial since the 2016 coup attempt, increase concerns that a great many dismissals were arbitrary, unfair and/or politically motivated."
NEWS Amnesty International: selfishness of rich countries making the crisis even worse

Amnesty International released a report assessing the global refugee crisis. Titled as “Tackling the Global Refugee Crisis from Shirking to Sharing”, the report summarizes the severity of the global refugee crisis. The report includes situation analyses of different regions and points out developed countries' failure in sharing responsibility. Amnesty International also provides some proposals for resolving this crisis.