NEWS New balance of power in Geneva

Syrian peace negotiations that started in Geneva remains on the agenda of Turkey and the world; it is wondered whether those negotiations will bring any solution. Recently, the meetings are suspended until February 25. Agos columnist Vicken Cheterian, who closely watches the developments, pictures the current condition of the process.
WORLD Geneva meetings officially start

After 2 years, Geneva meetings started yesterday. UN Syria Representative Staffan de Mistura, the moderator of the meetings, met with the opposition yesterday and today, he will meet with the delegation of Esad Regime.
NEWS Salih Müslim: We are not invited yet

PYD co-chair Salih Müslim made statements about Geneva meeting. Saying that they haven't received an invitation, Müslim stated, “If we don't attend the meeting, the peace process would be imperiled.”
NEWS “ISIS seized Raqqa in a minute”

“Fade to Black” video of “Maajooneh” released online 2 weeks ago and shared over and over. We talked to Farah and Amer from “Maajooneh” about their lives under the pressure of Asad regime and ISIS, their journey to Istanbul and plans for future.
NEWS AINA: ISIS destroyed 16 churches in Syria

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) released a list of churches in Syria which were destroyed by ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. In the list, there are 3 Armenian churches.
NEWS New airstrikes on Turkmen Mountain

Diplomatic crisis that started with the downing of Russian warplane by Turkish forces continues. During the day, statements from Turkey and Russia have been made one after the other.