NEWS Doing the maths of the new parliament

46 million voters went to the polls for the June 7 Elections, producing a series of striking outcomes. As the 13-year AKP rule came to an end, the HDP passed the election threshold; and possible coalition scenarios are now being discussed.
NEWS How is it none of our business?

Prime Minister Davutoğlu’s words, “It is nobody’s business what the trucks were carrying” constitute a scandalous disclosure of the current character of the State. Yet it is our business. What the trucks were carrying is the business of each and every citizen living in this country. The present and future outcome of this move by the State concerns first and foremost us, the citizens of this country.
NEWS Yetvart Danzikyan: Davutoğlu’s Diaspora journey

100 years later, we would have loved to think that certain things have changed in these lands; however, we can’t. It is not easy to tolerate seeing what people will do for power, and how the smile on a face can, in a flash, change into an evil grin; but we will.
NEWS Davutoğlu’s transformation: From ‘The Diaspora is our Diaspora’ to ‘Those who claim a right over our lands’

Prime Minister Davutoğlu, in a television interview, implying HDP co-President Selahattin Demirtaş, said, “I wonder what bargains he has made that led him to sabotage the Solution Process upon his return to Turkey, I wonder what bargains he has made that he is acting in tandem with the Armenian Diaspora that claims a right over the lands on which the Solution Process focuses”. Yet it was only three months ago that the same Prime Minister had said, “The Diaspora is our Diaspora”.
NEWS Kürkçü: They attacked opposition MPs with whatever they could get hold of

Assaulted in Parliament during the meeting for the internal security package, HDP Member of Parliament described the fight that broke out: “You cannot but run for help when a friend of yours is being assaulted by thugs. If there is a price to pay for that, we are prepared, but the real problem here is that the Parliament is increasingly resembling a slaughterhouse.”