Armenian humorist of Charlie Hebdo: We now have more reasons to continue

Mathieu Madénian, the humorist and columnist of Armenian origin who worked for Charlie Hebdo was saved from the massacre in which 12 people died because he didn’t go to work that day.

Madénian has worked for Charlie Hebdo since September, and had sent a text message to his editor Charb a few hours before the attack that took place at 11.30 on January 7, telling him that he was not going to attend the meeting that morning.

Speaking to Canal+, Madénian found out about the attack from his mother’s message asking him where he was, and said that he was only thinking about his friends who died.

Madénian added that like many other employees of the magazine, he, too, constantly received threat messages, and that their chief editor Charb for whom Al-Qaida had issued a ‘fatwa of death’ had been forced to live with two bodyguards.

Madénian says, ‘We now have more reasons to continue’.

DİKKAT: 7 Ocak'ta gerçekleşen saldırıdan, derginin genel yayın yönetmeni Charb'ın yanı sıra Cabu, Wolinski gibi derginin 'beyin kadrosunu' oluşturan çizerler hayatını kaybetti. > saldırıda

The attack that took place on January 7 took the lives of 12 people including chief editor Charb, and legendary cartoonists Cabu and Wolinski who formed the core team of the magazine.




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