Hrant Dink’s name to be given to a street in his neighbourhood

Bakırköy Municipality plans to give Hrant Dink’s name to a street in Bakırköy.

CHP (Republican People’s Party) Members of the Bakırköy Municipal Council, including Nurhan Çetinkaya, presented a motion to the Council for a street in Bakırköy to be named after Hrant Dink. The motion was accepted and forwarded to the mapping and development commissions. The commissions will decide which street will be named after Dink, and present its proposal to the approval of the Municipal Council. The change is expected to be accepted by the Council, and if accepted, will be presented to the approval of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB). The municipality will also consult with the Dink family on the matter.

‘Cultural Centre’ option against Metropolitan rejection

District municipalities must present their decision to change street names to the approval of the İBB. Şişli Municipality, the neighbourhood where Agos, the newspaper founded by Hrant Dink is based, had previously requested a street in the Osmanbey area to be named after Hrant Dink, however the Metropolitan Municipality had rejected the change. In the event it faces a similar obstruction, Bakırköy Municipality will name one of its cultural centres after Hrant Dink.

Nurhan Çetinkaya stated that the agreement on District Council level was unanimous. Adding that Mayor Bülent Kerimoğlu supported the motion, Çetinkaya said, “We will do whatever is necessary, however, we require the approval of İBB. In the event that we do not get approval, we will name a cultural centre after Hrant Dink. It is a motion we attach great importance”.

Public transport discount at Easter

Following author and journalist Hayko Bağdat’s call on social media for public transport in Istanbul to provide services at a discount at Christmas, as it already is on the Muslim religious holidays of Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice, the CHP has taken action. The members from the CHP on the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly have presented a written motion for the introduction of a discount on all public transport on Christian and Jewish holy days and religious feasts.

The motion was forwarded to the İBB Presidency to be processed.


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