SYRIZA -ANEL coalition forms new Greece government

SYRIZA, the radical left party that won the general elections in Greece, has reached an agreement with the conservative Independent Greeks Party (ANEL) to form a coalition government. SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has sworn in as the Prime Minister of the new government.

ANEL won 13 seats in the new parliament, and its leader Panos Kammenos met with Tsipras to hold negotiations to form the new government, stating “We give our vote of confidence to Alexis Tsipras”.

The new Prime Minister Tsipras is expected to announce the new cabinet today.

SYRIZA fell two seats short of reaching absolute majority. Their election promises include free electricity and heating services to those under the poverty line, the reintroduction of taxes to the rich, food and rent support for those who need it and a raise in pensions and the minimum wage.

Speaking to SYRIZA supporters who gathered in the Klafthmonos Square of Athens following the election victory, Tsipras dedicated their victory to the thousands of young people and scientists who have been forced out of Greece because of the economic crisis, and declared the Troika, formed of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, ‘a thing of the past’.



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