Don’t let the Armenians see this!

A survey carried out within the Turkish community in the USA raises concern.

In a survey shared among Turks in the USA, with a warning for ‘careful distribution’, almost all the questions are about Armenians.

The e-mail the survey is attached to includes the following statement: “Friends, please take 5 minutes to fill in this short survey, and pass it on to your close circle in California (especially to American Turks who are not affiliated with social organisations and won’t access this survey via related channels). Make sure you distribute it carefully, we would not want Armenians to become aware of it and distort the data.”

The great majority of the questions in the survey are about US Armenians. Some of the questions are: “Do you have American Armenian friends?”, “Did you have Armenian friends in Turkey?”, “Have you heards of Armenian gangs, terrorists, and crime organisations active in California?”, “How would you classify your relationship in the USA with American Armenians, other than those who are your friends?”, “Do you think your child is being taught inconsistent historical information regarding the Ottoman Empire?”


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