First graduation from Hrant Dink School

Bernar Terziyan

The Gedikpaşa Hrant Dink School produced its first graduates. Students who completed 8th grade experienced the joy of graduation and the sadness of leaving school simultaneously at the ceremony attended by Archbishop Aram Ateşyan and Rakel Dink.  

School Head Heriknaz Avakyan made the opening speeh at the ceremony, stating her happiness for the first graduates of the school, but sadness that they were leaving to continue their education in Armenia.

After the slide show prepared for the occasion, students thanked their teachers and presented them with flowers. Philanthropist Talar Horozoğlu, who has made significant donations to the school, said in her speech that the students had told her that they wanted to study 9th grade here, but that they had to return to Armenia to receive their diplomas. Horozoğlu added that she would meet all expenses for the students’ travel to Armenia. Archbishop Aram Ateşyan referred to the support the Patriarchate has given to the school, and presented each student with a cross. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of graduation plaques to students, followed by the graduation cake shared by all present.




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