32 trees planted at Kamp Armen in memory of Suruç victims

On 25 July Saturday, the victims of the Suruç massacre were commemorated at Kamp Armen, as the vigil to protect the camp enters its 3rd month. Kamp Armen Solidarity planted sycamore trees in memory of the 32 murdered members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF).

On the 81st day of the Kamp Armen resistance, Nor Zartonk organized a commemoration for the SGDF members who lost their lives at the bombing in Suruç.

At the event titled ‘Bridge of Solidarity from Kamp Armen to Suruç’ first Uraz Kaspar held a jewellery design workshop. 20 people attended the workshop, and earnings from the activity will be used to purchase and send toys to children in Kobani. 

After the workshop, with the participation of HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan, HDP Tuzla Co-Chairpersons Bahar Batman Akkuş and Hüseyin Tezel, and the Kamp Armen Solidarity, trees were planted in the garden of fraternity in memory of the young people who lost their lives in Suruç.

Alexis Kalk made a statement on behalf of Nor Zartonk before the trees were planted. Kalk said that they condemned the attack targeting the SGDF members who aimed to help build a library, children’s park and nursery in Kobani; adding that the attack had targeted not only SGDF and the Kurdish people, but also the hope for people living together, and spirit of solidarity that is being fostered in Rojava. 

Paylan: They attacked the dreams of those young people 

Those who attended the commemoration planted the trees that will keep the memory of the 32 young people alive. HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan, planting the tree in memory of Alican Vural, reminded those present that the poor were murdered in the war of the rich, saying, “We have seen this film many times before. We have experienced that vicious circle of violence. Those who are old enough remember very well the events of the 90s. There were also numerous operations carried out in the 2000s, and we buried thousands of our people. A great majority of them were poor people. They were made victims in the wars of the rulers, of their scenarios. Today, immediately after the loss of our 32 comrades, we see that war planes and warmongering is again in the ascendancy.”

Paylan went on to say, “Our 32 comrades who lost their lives were used to legitimize war, and were clearly a part of this scenario. They attacked the dreams of those young people; they attacked the solidarity between the west of Turkey and Kobani. However, we will not allow war, and we will continue to say ‘peace’ whatever the circumstances”.

After Paylan’s speech, HDP Tuzla Co-Chairperson Hüseyin Tezel also condemned the attack in his speech. Following the speeches, a moment of silence was observed in memory of the young people who lost their lives. 


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