Threats against the Protestant community increase

Death threats against Protestant churches continue. In the video with ISIS flag that is published online, people from clergy and community are pointed as targets.

ISIS’ threats against the Protestant community in Turkey continue. Protestant Churches Association, in their press release issued on September 2, stated that there have been threats against the churches and clergy. After the press release, the threats haven’t stopped.

A video that points Protestant community as target is published on YouTube. In this video, the people from clergy and community are pointed as targets with their pictures. Also, ISIS flag and footage of Baghdadi who was claimed to be death is also shown in the video.

Complaint about the threat messages

Moreover, threat messages continue to be sent to people from clergy and community. In these messages, there are statements like, “We will make life unbearable for you even if you issue a complaint.”

Administrators of Protestant churches issued a complaint about these messages. It is stated that the police started an investigation.

In the press release issued on September 2, Protestant Churches Association stated that “The churches in the different regions of Turkey have been receiving threat messages via various channels; they are similar and probably coming from the same source,” and they demand officials to take some measures. 


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