Gökalp Kökçü, the prosecutor of Dink case, dismissed from the investigation

Preparing the indictment against the public officials and carrying the investigations about the crime organization in Dink case, Gökalp Kökçü's is appointed to another office.

According to Aljazeera Turk's report, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor Hadi Salihoğlu released the division of labor and working order for 2016. Salihoğlu made important changes in appointments in  the courthouse. 

As part of the new working order, Gökalp Kökçü, who prepared the indictment against public officials, is assigned to a different office. Carrying the investigations about the claims of conspiracy in Balyoz case and against military police officers who were present in the region during Hrant Dink murder, prosecutor Kökçü is appointed to the Bureau of Preparations for Investigation. Kökçü won't be able to deal with the cases within the scope of terrorism and his investigations on cases of Balyoz and Dink will be transferred to another prosecutor. 

The indictment prepared by Kökçü was returned two times. 

Prosecutor Kökçü was assigned to Dink case on December 2014 and he prepared an indictment against 26 public officials, including former Istanbul Provincial Police Chief Celalettin Cerrah and Istanbul Intelligence Branch Chief Sabri Uzun, who were in office at the time of the assassination, former Trabzon Provincial Police Chief Reşat Altay and the current Chief of Security General Directorate Intelligence Branch Engin Dinç. 



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