Baptism-funeral promise from Hovakim 1461

General Vicar of Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan announced what they are planning to do with the revenue that will be earned through Hovakim 1461 Foundation.

General Vicar of Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan talked at madagh ceremony held in Getronagan High School and made some promises concerning Hovakim 1461 Foundation, which was establish in order to provide a temporary solution to the problem of legal entity of the Patriarchate. Aram Ateşyan announced what they are planning to do with the revenue that will be earned through Hovakim 1461 Foundation. 

“Baptism and funeral ceremonies that are held with one father will be free of charge. However, this is not the case with the wedding ceremonies, because they are not considered as needs; rather, they are for pleasure.  As the Patriarchate, if we want the members of our congregation to become Christians, we should compromise.”

However, in order to redeem these promises, Hovakim 1461 should have revenue. Ateşyan said: “I think that we will begin to have revenue within 1-2 years. When this happens, the Patriarchate will become a 'helping institution'.” On the other hand, people still criticize that such a foundation is established. Speaking to Agos, lawyer Sebuh Aslangil assessed the controversial issues about the foundation.

Sebuh Aslangil: Hovakim 1461 is not an accountable foundation

“In my opinion, some clauses concerning the way of forming some organs of the foundation are missing. For instance, how will new members or trustees be accepted? These points are not clear. This means that only people from a certain class can have a say in this foundation. The most important inconvenience that might be caused by this is that all the properties and revenues belonging to this foundation will be under the initiative of the board of the trustees. Moreover, when one of the trustees dies, their inheritors might take their places.

“The most important problem is the fact that the foundation is not accountable, since it was established in accordance with civil code. They might not even use the revenues for the benefit of the Patriarchate, if they want. This foundation might collect properties or be donated a commercial enterprise which can be operated by the foundation. All the revenues that might be gained through such activities is at the disposal of the board. No one can call this foundation to account. There is no control mechanism. The only positive aspect is the liquidation clause concerning the fate of the properties, if the foundation is shut. This clause indicates that this foundation is established temporarily.

“Archbishop Aram Ateşyan is from clergy and probably, he will be the director of this foundation. When Ateşyan or anyone from the board stops being a member of the clergy, he can take whatever the foundation owns and leave, and nobody can say anything. Also, the social balance would change. The Patriarchate is the umbrella organization for the community and they might choose to make donations to Hovakim 1461 instead of other institutions.”


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