According to MİT, Dink case is a "separatist activity"

A document in the appendix of the indictment prepared for Hrant Dink case revealed the fact MİT (intelligence agency of Turkey) was monitoring Armenians, Greeks and other non-Muslim communities under the title of “Ethnic Separatist Activities”.

At the same period, MİT also reported the developments in Hrant Dink case under the same title with “Armenian activities” subtitle. The report revealed that the routine activities of other non-Muslim communities and many other official NGOs had been monitored by MİT and their activities were reported regularly. 

In a bulletin sent to General Directorate of Security and all intelligence units “for using in operations”, activities of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and other non-Muslim communities between March 1 and 30, 2011 were monitored and evaluation reports about them were written. In the confidential bulletin of MİT, there were also reports about many official institutions. These bulletins are found in the appendix of the new case that was opened as part of Hrant Dink case. Previously, during the investigations on Hrant Dink murder, MİT stated that they don't have any documents about Hrant Dink. 

Ethnic Separatist Activities

A remarkable section in the report is the one titled as “Other Ethnic Separatist Activities”. In this section, MİT evaluations are reported with Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians subtitles. In the section titled as “Armenians”, there are developments about Dink case under the title of “important developments in Turkey”. 

In the section titled as “important developments abroad”, there are information about the activities of Armenian NGOs that work outside Turkey. Also, the statements that were made by the representatives of Armenian NGOs in the US to Agos were also recorded. 

Greek Patriarchate was also monitored

In the “Greeks” subsection of the “Separatist Activities” section, the works of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the decisions made by Hold Synod Assembly on March 2011 and the details of metropolitan assignments are reported. Newly assigned clergymen in Holy Synod Assembly and their duties are also reported in a detailed way. 

“SEYFO is important”

In the Assyrians section, there are information about the initiations of Assyrian NGOs in Europe for making the Assyrian Genocide (SEYFO) recognized in European countries and it is stated that they became an “issue of importance”.

TESEV report

In MİT report, under the title of “Other Ethnic Separatist Activities”, TESEV's (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation) “Name Changes in Turkey” meeting was also reported as “an issue of importance”. People who attended that meeting is listed. 

Protestant community

One of the largest sections in the report is “Missionary activities” section. In this section, the activities of Protestant community is recorded in a detailed way. Clergymen's visits to other countries, closed-door meetings, distribution of work among clergymen, their e-mails to each other in their closed groups, the members of those mailing groups and the discussions in the ceremonies are reported. 

In the report, there is also detailed information about Protestant foundations in various cities in Turkey. There is also churches and activities of Jehovah's Witnesses and evaluations about Mormon community. 

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