"Dink is one of our targets, Mutafyan is nationalist"

A document added to the case file of Dink murder case revealed why Hrant Dink couldn't have issued a passport in 1997.

Agos founder Hrant Dink couldn't have issued a passport for years. For almost 25 years, his applications for obtaining a passport had been denied. A confidential document which caused this situation is revealed. This note was written in 1997 and reveals that the police had been closely following Hrant Dink and writing reports about him. In the note, it is stated that he is “one of their targets”. 

In this document which was sent to Passport Office by Istanbul Directorate of Security, there are accusations about Hrant Dink and Mesrob Mutafyan, who was General Vicar of the Patriarch at that time. Here are the statements in this confidential document: “The person named Fırat Dink is one of our targets as part of the investigations about Armenian activities in our city, he is the editor-in-chief of an Armenian newspaper named Agos and he is closely related to the General Vicar of Patriarch Archbishop Mesrob Mutafyan who is known to be an Armenian nationalist.” The documents is signed by a 3rd degree police chief.


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