Dink case postponed to June 20

The hearings ended with the defense of the former Trabzon Provincial Police Chief Reşat Altay, who was in office at the time of murder. Refusing the demands of release, the court postponed the case to June 20.

After the lunch break, the hearing continued with the defense of Reşat Altay, who answered the questions of the lawyers. 

Dink family's lawyer Hakan Bakırcıoğlu addressed some questions to Reşat Altay. 

Stating that he received briefs from all branches after he was assigned to the office, Altay said that Engiç Dinç made a digital presentation to him, but hadn't informed him about Hrant Dink. Altay also said that that presentation can be found in the archive of the intelligence office and demand the court requests that presentation.

Altay said that they cooperated with gendermerie command, but they also hadn't informed him about Hrant Dink. 

Lawyers reminded that there were intelligence reports about possible attacks against Armenians and Altay said, “I must have done something about them.”

After Altay's defense, the court heard the demands of the parties. Lawyers of arrested suspects demanded release. 

Assessing the interlocutory decision, the court refused the demands of release and postponed the case to June 20, 21 and 23. The court also decided to request the copies of digital presentations that Altay mentioned. 


Dink Court Case

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