Founding members of EU to convene

With 52% of the votes, England decided to leave EU. Following the referendum, founding members of EU will convene upon Germany's call. Authorities from EU countries made statements about the decision, emphasizing that this is an “emergency call” for a reform in EU.

33 million voters in UK participated in the referendum in 382 polling districts. The turnout was 72.2% and 52% of the voters voted for leaving EU.

While majority of the voters in England and Wales wanted “out”, the voters living in Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to stay in EU.

English pound reached it lowest level compared to euro since 1985.

Resignation statement from Cameron

English Prime Minister Cameron said, “The decision should be respected, but the losing side should have made more effort” and added that he shouldn't be “the captain” from now on.

Germany's call for meeting

Via Twitter account of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is announced that Minister Walter Steinmeier invites founding members of EU to Berlin for convening on Saturday morning. Referring to the decision, it is stated that “it seems like it will be a bad day both for Europe and England.”

It is expected that French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Marc Ayrault, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and Luxembourg Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn will attend the meeting.

After the decision of “Brexit”, EU countries made statements one after the other.

Obama will talk to Cameron

White House announced that the US President Barack Obama will talk to David Cameron.

Speaking about the “Brexit”, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said, “They took over the control of their country.”

Kremlin: EU should stay economically strong

Kremlin spokesperson said that they want EU to stay economically strong.

Assessing the decision, the spokesperson said, “We hope UK understands that it will need better relations with Russia.”

Urgent cabinet meeting in France

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Marc Ayrault said that the decision is sad for UK and added that EU will remain, but it needs to gain the trust of its people.

It is also stated that there will be an urgent cabinet meeting at 16.00 in order to discuss the result of the referendum.

Netherlands: a stimulus for EU reform

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that “Brexit” should be considered as “a stimulus” for a reform in EU. Saying that he feels sorry about this decision, Rutte noted that EU should continue to cooperate.

Stating that it seems like an “irreversible” decision, Rutte said that the process of leaving might take a long time.

Call for “leaving” from far right

After UK's decision to leave EU, far right politicians from France, Holland and Italy made call for referendum in their countries too.

Far right French political party National Front Chair Marine Le Pen said that there should be a referendum in France too.

In Netherlands, far right Party for Freedom Chair Geert Wilders also welcomed the decision. Known for his anti-EU thoughts, Wilders said that now its Netherlands' turn for leaving. He also noted that June 23 will be commemorated as “independence day”.

Italian Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini made a statement via his Twitter account, celebrating UK's decision and making a call for a referendum in Italy.


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