First group going to TUMO from Istanbul delighted

For the first time, a group of students from Istanbul went to TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Armenia. Students from 14 countries, including Egypt, USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Lebanon attended the summer camp between July 17 and 30. 14 students from Istanbul were also there.

A group of young benefactors initiated by TET Ajanda, which was established last year in order to announce the events organized by Armenian community in Turkey online, did what is necessary for sending 11 students from 5 Armenian high schools in Istanbul to TUMO with scholarship. Hrant Dink Foundation covered the travel expenses of 9 students as part of Turkey-Armenian Travel Fund. Arriving at Yerevan on July 17, the students met the other students from various countries and started the two-week program. While the main courses in camp included web design, animation, game design and digital media, there were also technical and artistic courses like music, photography and robotics as elective courses.

Creative education

Bringing young people between the ages of 12 and 18 together, the camp has a special education system, which has the purpose of improving the creativeness of the students. Combining technology with a creative education system, TUMO Center provides a competitive advantage to students.

We complied the assessments of Director of the center Marie Lou Papazian, Summer Camp adviser Maral Aznavour, Getronagan Armenian High School computer teacher Alen Taşçıoğlu and some of the students who attended the camp. 

Students' recommendation: “Everyone should see this environment”

Giragos Başak, Getronagan Armenian High School (15):

I have never thought that I could go to TUMO, but I did. The education I've received within 2 weeks could change my life and future career. All young people between the ages of 12 and 18 should come and see this environment and have foreigner friends. I am also proud of being a part of the first group which went to TUMO from Turkey. I hope more people will go to TUMO next year.”

Lidya Satılmış, Tıbrevank High School (16):

First of all, I would like to thank the ones who gave us this opportunity. Seeing TUMO and Yerevan was important and we felt so happy. TUMO provided us with a technological training which will become a great advantage in the future. We made beautiful friends. I recommend TUMO to everyone.”

Narod Talar Agoşyan, Getronagan High School (17):

I wanted to go to TUMO since the moment I have heard about it. Being a part of the first group which went to TUMO from Turkey made me feel proud. I was in a camp that requires creativeness for the first time in my life. Meeting people who understand you no matter what and encourage you to become better meant a lot. For 2 weeks, I had been dealing with movie producing and music. TUMO camp was the most beautiful, most educative and most entertaining camp that I have ever attended. Thanks to this camp, I have met young and creative people all around the world, I got to know Armenian culture and had the opportunity to improve myself with TUMO's courses on technology.”

Baret Borucuyan, Sahakyan Nunyan High School (16):

I am very happy that I have attended the camp. I have learned a lot. I am fascinated by friendship, courses and the warmth of teachers and personnel. Most importantly, I felt very happy to visit Armenia. It felt like home. I am sure that everybody would feel happy to experience TUMO. I thank the ones who made this happen.

Nayiri Büyüksimkeşyan, Esayan High School (15):

On my first day in TUMO, I wasn't sure what to expect; I was very excited. During 2 weeks, I learned a lot about cinema, photography, music and 3D modeling. Beside the education in technology, we got to know different cultures by making friends with students from other countries and visited many historical sites in Armenia. I hope more people will go to TUMO next year and benefit from this opportunity.

Roy Merkezoğlu, Tıbrevank High School (16):

I am interested in computers and I wanted to go to Armenia. I loved TUMO, its education, technological infrastructure and level of quality in all areas. I would like to go to TUMO again.”

Ari Barsamyan, Pangaltı Mkhitaryan High School (16):

I visited Armenia for the first time thanks to TUMO. I feel so happy. I made new friends and receive education in various topics. I visited museums and historical sites in Yerevan. I would like to go to TUMO again and recommend all young people who are interested in technology to go to TUMO.

Authorities also wish for “continuity”

Alen Taşçıoğlu (Getronagan Armenian High School Information Technologies Supervisor):

I had been thinking about going to TUMO for 2 years, but I could have found the chance. This year, we managed to go to TUMO with 11 students. Our students attended courses in various topics and got the opportunity to meet young Armenians from other countries. They worked together in the project they created.

During 2 weeks, our students also got the opportunity to learn Armenia and Armenian culture on the spot. This was an intense process, but they had fun.

I think that continuity of this camp would be beneficial for our students, since it offers different perspectives.

Maral Aznavour (TUMO Summer Camp adviser)

Being the adviser and supervisor of the wonderful students from Istanbul was great. They were really interested in TUMO experience and they showed their interest by being a part of the camp. They formed strong bonds with the students from other countries. They also liked wandering around Armenia. They had a lot of fun during our trip to Vernisaj and they bought souvenirs for their families. My experience with the students from Istanbul was wonderful. They called me “kuyrik can” and I liked it. I am aware that they are influenced by the charm of TUMO. I hope more students will come from Istanbul next year.

Marie Lou (Director of TUMO Center for Creative Technologies)

This year, students from 14 countries attended TUMO summer camp. And it was the first time that we had a group from Turkey. Campers from Istanbul stood out by their energy, joy and interest, as well as their success in the educational programs. We would like to have more students from Istanbul. Our goal is to start the registration period earlier by taking 2016 campers as reference.