Pakrat Estukyan

Մենք ու մերոնք - Biz ve bizimkiler

Interpreting the current issues accurately

Compared to the entire history of the earth, life span of human beings is like a second at best. For the science of history, which records time with the scale of centuries and even millennium, human life amounts to nothing. This is something that prevents us from understanding the developments of our times correctly. For instance, we consider the action called “terrorism” as a groundless, baseless crime. Or rather, they make us see it like that. As if some malicious people started to commit crimes just for the sake of evilness. However, social sciences, especially sociology, say that every new phenomenon has a background leading to it. As I mentioned, in order to be able to assess this fact correctly, we need to see the developments as a whole. 

When Israel was established in Palestine in the wake of World War II, the entire world was subconsciously thinking that this could be a chance for making up the severe trauma that was caused by Holocaust. The conscience of Christian European culture, which became dark with centuries-old antisemitic hatred, will be cleaned, they thought. Back then, no one was willing to see the price that Palestinian people will pay.

Similarly, when the borders of Middle East were determined by Sykes-Picot Agreement at the end of World War I, no one cared about the fact that the homeland of Kurdish people was divided into four parts.

After all, Kurds were not in the position to express a national will, since they hadn't yet established a national unity back then. And Armenian people, who had completed their process of nation building, couldn't have agreed on whether they want a separate state or autonomy within Ottoman Empire. Watching the Armenian Genocide with a sheer carelessness, the west failed to see that this crime won't be forgotten and Bundestag will repent for it after 101 years.

Today, while Europe is experiencing the bewilderment caused by the mass migration from Middle Eastern countries, people express their reaction by supporting far-right parties, Islamophobia and defining the situation as clash of civilizations. And Europeans are unable to understand the actual reasons of this flux of migration. However, even a brief glimpse to the recent history would help to understand the current situation. Western world thinks that they have a natural right to intervene in the future and destiny of far-away countries. They think that overthrowing the governments with the help of spies and changing borders won't affect them.

Similarly, the US failed to see that El-Kaide will hit New York one day, when planning the so-called “Green Belt Theory” with anti-Soviet policies. As you know, after September 11 attacks, Afghanistan and Iraq had been occupied and the entire Middle East with Syria was sacrificed blindly.

In contrast to our daily ignorance, history has been recording all of these. The history records the ones who committed crimes against humanity such as Brzezinski who developed the green belt project; Turgut Özal who was more than willing to support the occupation of Iraq; and Erdoğan who said that they will “perform the Friday prayer in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus”.

There is no doubt that there will be people who will ask for justice for the lives lost in Aegean Sea. Be careful not to call them "terrorist" when they meet them for the first time. You should know that the real terrorists are occupying the various parliaments, wearing their suits.

Go and solve your problems by badgering them to death.