Kurdish textbooks in Armenia

Students in the regions densely populated by Kurds have textbooks in Kurdish now. Kurdish students in 1st to 12th grades will receive education in their mother tongue.

Kurdish children in Armenia will be able to learn their culture and mother tongue thanks to newly-published textbooks in Kurdish. Poet Alixane Mame, the head of Kurdish Writers Department of the Writer Union of Armenia, is the author of the textbooks in Kurdish. Speaking to Armenpress, Mame noted the historical and scientific significance of these textbooks: “In Kurdish history, there haven't been any textbooks as extensive as these. We published 13 textbooks. In Armenia, we were able to publish these books, after the scientific studies sponsored by the state. This is a historical event for Kurdish people.” Mame also stated that there is not enough teacher who can teach in Kurdish in Armenia and they are working on it. 

In the Kurdish textbooks, Kurdish literary works are compiled in accordance with the historical chronology.  


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