Diyarbakir Municipality's statement on the police raid

Diyarbakir Municipality released a statement on the police raid. It is stated that the state should respect the will of people and the co-mayors should be released immediately.

Diyarbakir Municipality released a statement on the police raid. In the statement published on the website of the municipality, it is stated that the search wasn't carried out due process of law and lawyers and the administrators of the municipality hadn't been allowed to accompany the search. 

Here are the highlights of the statement:

“Until 8.00 am, municipality personnel hadn't been allowed in the building. Police forces carried out an ID control.”

“Municipality personnel accompanied by the lawyers took a statement down on the damage in the building.”

4 administrators are detained

“According to the initial examination, it is determined that doors of all the offices inside the building had been broken down, all lockers were searched, all hard-discs had been copied, official papers of the municipality had been gone through, belongings in some offices had been scattered around and even the offices of the civil inspectors had been searched despite the signs that read 'Inspector's office'.

“Diyarbakir Water and Sewerage Administration was also searched. 4 administrators have been detained, one of them being a member of the city council.”


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