Pakrat Estukyan

Մենք ու մերոնք - Biz ve bizimkiler

World of contradictions

We are going through times of confusing contradictions. The new US President Trump moved into the White House and started to fulfill his promises that he made during the presidential campaign. Nobody thought that it is likely that this discourteous wealthy man will be elected and his promises were also not taken seriously. His anti-globalist suggestions were regarded as “outdated” at least. At first glance, it might seem normal that he tries to protect the interests of his country against the previous policies of “ruling the world”. However, the “domestic goods” campaign that he launched for achieving this falls behind the thresholds that neoliberal capitalism has passed long before. 

Trump also affirms Brexit and this is another indicator of his anti-globalist stance. As may be remembered, the people of the UK decided to leave the EU and surprised the international community. People all around the Island objected against it, but no one said “I don't accept Brexit, we will hold another voting as soon as possible”, since they lack an astute leader like Erdoğan who refused to accept the results of the election on June 7. 

The call of “Workers of the world, unite!” became historical with the collapse of Soviet Union. Then, the call of “Capital owners, unite!” was responded and has been at play for a quarter-century. Since the most difficult contradiction is between the labor and capital, one of them loses when the other one triumphs. Indeed, as the capital is globalized, the workers lose their power of international solidarity and get poorer and poorer. After the EU countries started to used the same currency, the price hike in goods and services shocked them. As the prices increase in accordance with euro; wages, social rights and gains attained after long-term struggles are consistently trimmed.

Trump's promises also threat universal criteria of civilization. Fortifying the borders with concrete walls will negate the definition of “land of freedom”. Building a wall between neighboring countries and making the other side pay for it is a perfect example of impertinence. Banning the citizens of certain countries and refusing the ones who have a valid visa in airports can also be explained by impertinence. Such practices that are not conform to civilized thinking are actually based on a reality on the background; that is why Brexit happened, Trump is elected and reactionism is raising all around the world. 

After all, the things we mentioned are not the inventions of Trump. Berlin went through a similar painful experience, when the occupied city was divided by a wall. Israeli government that built a wall along Palestinian settlements inspired AKP government; it is fortifying the southern and eastern border of Turkey with walls. For years, the people who had been in Cyprus weren't allowed in Turkey and the people who had been in Turkish side of Cyprus weren't allowed to Greece. The US and Israel did the same thing to the people who had been in Iran. Azerbaijan doesn't allow Armenians and anyone who has been in Karabakh Republic. 

It is also striking that no Muslim country other than Iran reacts against Trump's policies that discriminate, isolate and marginalize Muslim peoples. 

Let me say it once again, Trump's discourse might be considered as outdated in the age of globalism, but in fact they are just the facts of world of contradictions.