Zarokistan closed down

Creating an education model with its Kurdish curriculum, day care centers named Zarokistan were closed down, after a trustee was assigned to Kayapınar Municipality. Covenanted employees are dismissed.

The day care centers founded by the municipality were the most important step in Diyarbakir in terms of education in Kurdish. It created an education model with its Kurdish curriculum. The trustee who was assigned to Kayapınar Municipality closed the day care centers down and dismissed the covenanted employees. 

Financed by DBP municipalities in Diyarbakir, day care centers offering education in Kurdish are faced with the danger of the trustees. The metropolitan municipality have 2 and Kayapınar Municipality has one day care center. These day care centers named Zarokistan offer education in Kurdish. The curriculum is monitored by the Ministry of Education. 

The trustee who is assigned to Kayapınar Municipality dismissed the entire personnel of these day care centers. 14 teachers, 2 administrators and 2 caterers were working in the day care center. It is reported that Ministry of Education will assign personnel to the center and the curriculum will be changed into Turkish. 

Right after Co-Mayor of Kayapınar Mehmet Ali Aydın was arrested, a trustee was assigned on December 8, 2016. 

Zarokistan was opened in 2014 and 120 children were receiving education there. There was education in Kurmanji in 5 classes and in Kirmanckî in one class.


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