Etchmiadzin meetings ended: a trustee will be chosen, Ateşyan will resign

The meetings on patriarchal election in Etchmiadzin have ended. It is expected that a değabah (trustee) will be chosen on March 15 and Ateşyan will resign.

(YEREVAN) People were expecting the meeting with Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II after the resignation of the Head of Clerical Assembly Bishop Sahak Maşalyan.

The meetings that started on Thursday have ended today. The result of the meetings has yet to be announced officially by Etchmiadzin, but Armenian media started to cover the issue.

According to the reports, the decisions are as follows:

“Patriarchate of Armenians of Turkey will choose a değabah on March 15. After that, Ateşyan will resign and will no longer be the general vicar. The Enterprising Committee will be formed. General Vicar of the Patriarch will leave his authorities to değabah.”

In the meetings, the protocol that was issued on February 16 was criticized. It is expected that this protocol will be invalidated.

It is expected that bishops affiliated to the Patriarch of Istanbul will be the değabah candidates. 


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