“Dadyan Mangadun” waits for support from foundations

A project is offered to the administration of Dadyan Foundation in terms of the renting of the old school building.

The school building is located in a region hosting a large Armenian population. Thus, a “magnadun” (daycare center) project is offered for caring the children of working parents by a women's initiative including experts in the field.

A group of young women, including Selina Doğan, Sarem Külegeç Şeşetyan, Delal Dink, Arusyak Koç Monnet, Nayat Karaköse, Belinda Mumcu and Neda Bebiroğlu, planned the Dadyan Mangadun project and presented it to Dadyan Foundation. The executives of the foundation liked the project, but stated that resourceful foundations should support the project for meeting the problem of rent. The Dadyan Mangadun project's budget is enough to support itself and it waits for the support of foundations and benefactors.

Early childhood education in the mother tongue

Telling about the details of the project, Delal Dink, Sarem Külegeç Şeşetyan and Nayat Karaköse stated that the project is the result of the need and demand of parents who have to send their children between the ages of 0-6 to different daycare centers. The project team emphasizes the importance of early childhood education in the mother tongue in terms of acquiring basic skills and preventing secondary problems. 

Enabling future mothers to access Armenian education materials, the project also offers play groups that would allow grandparents to have quality time with children. Offering hourly, part-time or full-time programs for different age groups, the project includes arts and crafts workshops, Armenian multimedia workshops, Armenian and English courses, painting, music and dance workshops.

Dadyan Magnadun is planned to include a “toy library” consisting of educational toys for teaching Armenian, a center for producing materials for education in the mother tongue and a winter garden for parents. The project will be supported by a professional teaching staff, advisory committee and visiting experts. 

The realization of the project is up to the foundations and benefactors that can provide financial support. When this happened, Armenian society will feel the happiness and pride of meeting a need with its own resources. 


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