Aram Ateşyan resigns as the chair of Hovagim 1461 Foundation

Aram Ateşyan announced that he resigned as the chair of Hovagim 1461 Foundation, which was supposedly established “to solve the problem of legal entity of the patriarchate” and has been at the center of Beykoz land debates.

Announcing his resignation yesterday, Ateşyan said, “I established this foundation for helping clerics. However, I am resigning now, since there are too many rumors.”

Speaking to Agos, Ateşyan said that the patriarchate won’t make any statement concerning the interference of governor’s office in değabah election.

He also said that he made a written request to the governor’s office to make an appointment.

Elected değabah Bekçiyan and Bishop Maşalyan said that all problems would be solved, if Ateşyan resigns. However, Ateşyan said that he is not planning to resign.

Hovagim 1461 Foundation took over tenancy of the land belonging to Beykoz Foundation and it became an issue of debate concerning the compensation that will be paid for confiscated lands of Beykoz Foundation. 

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