Dink case: examination of Yılmazer completed

In Dink case, examination of former intelligence officer Ali Fuat Yılmazer is completed.

The trial of public officials including Ramazan Akyürek, Celalettin Cerrah, Ahmet İlhan Güler ve Engin Dinç continues in Istanbul 14th High Penal Court. 

During the previous trials, Yılmazer completed his defence. Today, the cross examination is also completed.

The chief judge asked Yılmazer where the negligence leading to murder started. Saying the he thinks it's Istanbul, Yılmazer stated: “If Istanbul had held its end up, the murder could have been prevented. If the intelligence had followed and documented violent and provocative formations within the nationalist circles, this threat could have been eliminated.”

Dink case will continue on Thursday and the witnesses will be heard.

Faruk Sarı, the chief of Trabzon Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, changed his testimony and stated that he demands to avail himself of the law of repentance. He will be heard again on Thursday. 


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