“No” campaigners detained

Protests against referendum irregularities continue in various cities of Turkey. Some people have been detained during protests. This morning, an operation is launched against “no” campaigners. Currently, 38 people are detained.

Early in this morning, 38 people have been detained with the charge of “provoking people with the claim that referendum result is illegitimate.

According to Cumhuriyet newspaper, CHP Istanbul MP Barış Yarkadaş wrote through his social media account that 40 people have been detained: “The ruling party is at a lost. They are in so much fear that they act just like we have expected. They are getting more and more aggressive. Police is raiding the houses of people who say that there are irregularities in the referendum with an unprecedented accusation: 'propagating with the claim that referendum result is illegitimate'. They are abusing law with this accusation.”

According to bianet, Abdurrahman Atalay, who conducted no campaign in Beyoğlu, is detained this morning. ÖDP (Freedom and Solidarity Party) member Mesut Geçgel is also detained. 

Speaking to bianet, lawyer Deniz Özen said that there are more detentions, but they have yet to receive a list and they don't know about the ground of detention. Detained people are not allowed to see their lawyers. According to lawyers, they are detained because they conducted no campaigns and reacted against the decision of Supreme Board of Election of Turkey.

Furthermore, some people have been detained during the protests in 14 cities. 

Demonstrations banned in Antep, protesters detained

Antep Governor's Office banned public statements, marches, distributing leaflets, petition campaigns and all political and social activities for a month. 

Despite the ban, some people gathered to read a public statement. Police attacked the group.

Speaking to BBC Turkish, CHP member Hayri Sucu said that 9 people, including 3 CHP members, have been detained. 


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