“We expect an apology, not condolence”

On the occasion of 102nd anniversary of Armenian Genocide, people came together in Taksim and staged a silent sit-in. They commemorated the victims of Armenian genocide with Armenian laments, calling for confrontation.

Victims of Armenian Genocide were commemorated in Istanbul. 

Gathered upon the call of Commemoration of Armenian Genocide Victims Platform, people gathered together in Taksim and staged a silent sit-in. 

Names of Armenian intellectuals who were detained from their houses and then killed had been read during the commemoration. The commemoration was ended after the press statement was read.

This barrenness can only be ended with confrontation”

Murat Çelikkan from Commemoration of Armenian Genocide Victims Platform read the press statement: “We expect an apology, instead of condolence messages talking about the suffering of both sides. It's been 102 years; don't wait for 103rd year. Apologize!”

“While a people was annihilated with its entire culture, culture of coexistence was damaged fatally. Anatolia became barren without its cultures and peoples, making all of us, all people who lived in Anatolia for generations alone. This barrenness that influenced, surrounded and sickened all generations can only be ended with confrontation.”

Saying that “In fact, barrenness and loneliness is not the only problem,” Çelikkan added: “Confronting with 1915 would contribute to adoption of the essence of democracy as the norm.” 

HDP MP Garo Paylan and Sevag Balıkçı's parents Ani and Garabet Balıkçı attended the commemoration. Compared to previous years, fewer people attended the commemoration.  


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