Hate speech against MP Doğan goes unpunished

MP Selina Doğan filed a lawsuit against a person who used hate speech against her. In libel suit, the judge made a scandalous ruling.

According to Alican Ulusağ from Cumhuriyet, Armenian MP filed a lawsuit against a person who used hate speech against her in social media. 

Living in Manisa city, İbrahim Kaplan commented on a video on Doğan's Facebook page. He wrote: “You are clearly servants of Armenians and Byzantines. Do you think that grandchildren of Sultan Fatih are dead, while the grandchildren of Byzantines are still alive? You harlots.”

Upon the complaint of Doğan, a libel suit was launched. The judge noted that remarks of Kaplan are defaming and insulting, but he ruled that there is no need for punishing Kaplan.

In the detailed ruling, a tweet that Doğan shared 2 months later than the incident is considered as “wrongful act” and it is claimed that there is mutual insult. 

Doğan, 2 months later than the incidence of hate speech, tweeted about the suicide attack in Ankara on March 13, 2016. She wrote, “Unless we talk about the reasons leading a woman born in 1992 to detonate herself for killing others, combating terrorism means nothing.” The court considered this tweet as “wrongful act”: “Doğan doesn't blame PKK for the action of a woman suicide bomber from PKK who killed many innocent people; rather, she holds the state responsible for this attack.”

Speaking to Cumhuriyet, Doğan reminded Erdoğan's April 24 message and said: “Since impunity is a pattern in hate speech cases, I was glad that a lawsuit was launched. However, I am insulted and then convicted. A few days ago, the president said 'We don’t tolerate marginalization of a single Armenian citizen.' On the other hand, judiciary that is dependent on the ruling party made a scandalous ruling and affirmed hate speech. This judge has made similar rulings before."