Sports facility opened in Imbros Greek School

Greek Secondary and High School was opened in Imbros after 51 years. Recently, a sports and culture facility and a technology class were opened in the school.

In Imbros, once densely populated by Greeks, efforts for increasing Greek population have been made for a couple of year. In 2010, works had been launched for opening Greek schools. An elementary school was opened in 2013, a high school in 2015 and finally a secondary school in 2016. As part of the revival of Imbros, a sports and culture facility and a technology class are now opened in the Greek high school. The construction is sponsored by a private telecommunication company.  The opening event was held on May 17. 

Minister Yılmaz paid a visit

Minister of Education Ismet Yılmaz visited Imbros Greek Elementary School on May 12. He also signed the guestbook: “I would like to thank school administration for their excitement, efforts and sincerity. I hope their success will continue. I want you to know that we are always on your side.”


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