Gülmen and Özakça detained in midnight raid

Dismissed academic Nuriye Gülmen and teacher Semih Özakça are on the 75th day of their hunger strike, which they started with the demand of being returned to their jobs. Last night, police raided their houses and detained Gülmen and Özakça. Lawyer Selçuk Kozaağaçlı stated that the ground of detention is the following: “the protest might turn into an indefinite hunger strike or trigger events like Gezi Park protests or Tekel strike.”

Dismissed academic Nuriye Gülmen and teacher Semih Özakça have been on hunger strike for 75 days and last night, around 1 am, special operations forces raided their houses. 

Police forces detained Gülmen and Özakça and blockaded the streets on which their houses are located. 

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued an arrest warrant for Gülmen and Özakça. 

Özakça's wife Esra Özakça, lawyers Ayşegül Çağatay and Ebru Timtik were also detained on the ground that “they tried to prevent the police forces from doing their job”. Early in this morning, Esra Özakça is released.

After the detention, Özakça's mother Sultan Özakça went to Human Right Moınument in Yüksel Street, where Gülmen and Özakça have been staging their protest for 75th days, and started a sit-in protest. More and more people are gathering in the street. Some MPs are also there.