Erdoğan defended the deportation: it was the most reasonable attitude

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the symposium on ‘the Development and Vision of our Archives, and their Contribution to Research on History’ held on April 24 at Beştepe Millet Congress and Cultural Centre.

Erdoğan said: “Thanks to our archives, one of the discussions --and maybe the most important one-- where we can shout out the truth to the entire world in pride is the Armenian issue. When we look at those who attempt to lecture Turkey on human rights and democracy through the Armenian issue and the fight against terror, we see that all have blood in their past. However, our ancestors whom they smear on every occasion expanded their area of dominance by conquering the hearts and souls."
In his speech, Erdoğan claimed for deportation to be the most reasonable move: He stated that "The deportation of Armenian mobs and those extending support to them, who have massacred the Muslim community in our Eastern Anatolian region without discriminating whether women, children or elderly was the most reasonable move in such a period Deportation is one thing, massacre is another; who are you teasing! I cry out from here, once again, everyone watching this one their screens and the whole world must know one thing: We have opened up our archives with no restrictions. Armenians! If you have archives, you open them up, too. The whole world, third countries! If you have archives, open them up. Bring them on. Let’s investigate it in the archives with competent people. Afterwards, as politicians, let’s discuss the outcome. It is not the politicians to investigate the matter in the archives. They would not understand it anyway. The doors of our archives are wide open to everyone, whose aim is to find out about the truth. We have nothing to hide, everything is open and clear.
No group or country that scratched the Armenian issue so far has been able to prove their claims with documentation in the archives. We already know that no one, notably France, who stirs the pot through the so-called Armenian genocide allegations, have concerns about the real truth anyway. But we want the whole world to be aware of this, too."