Rum citizens uneasy in Imbros: A murder, an accident

86 year-old Greek citizen Zafir Pinari was found dead in Imbros (Gökçeada), hands and feet tied. It has been reported that two people have been detained and two are being sought by the police, related to the murder of Pinari. 
According to the information obtained, Zarif Pinari, who lived alone in Zarife Hill region in Imbros, Çanakkale, was found dead in his house on the night of May 14th. His neighbour called the gendarmerie when Pinari did not answer the door. Pinari's body was taken to Forensic Medicine Council of Bursa. It has been reported that two people have been detained and two are being sought by the police.
Ünal Çetin, mayor of Imbros, paid a courtesy visit to Metropolitan Bishop Yorgi Draguni. Extending condolences, Çetin noted that the incident was being investigated and no matter what the result of the investigation would be, it could not disturb the peace among the people of Imbros who have been accustomed to living together. Laki Vingas, Chairperson of Yeniköy Greek Orthodox Panaia Church shared the following message in social media; "When I saw the tragic news I once again recalled the same old urban legend. Greeks are rich, they have a lot of money and gold! The mentality should now change. Our main purpose in life is not money but living a happy life in peace."

An accident

On the night of 14 May, manager Atanaş Muhali lost his life when his car ran off the cliff. Managing a restaurant in Tepeköy, Muhali was on his way home after he dropped one of his staff at the district centre, Muhali's car ran off the cliff. Drivers who saw the accident called the gendarmerie and medics. Atanaş Muhali lost his life despite the intervention of the medics. Muhali's body was taken to the morgue of Gökçeada State Hospital. An investigation has been launched about the accident, and the body has been sent to Forensic Medicine Council Bursa.