The person who sent a threat message to the Hrant Dink Foundation is arrested

The suspect, who sent a death threat e-mail message to the Hrant Dink Foundation lawyer and Rakel Dink, was arrested after he was sent to the courthouse.

The suspect H.A. was brought to Istanbul yesterday after being detained in Konya.

According to the information reflected in the press, in his first interrogation, the suspect claimed that he was under the influence of his Azerbaijani lover when he sent the message, he also called an Armenian church, but nobody answered.

The operations of suspected H.A. at Istanbul Security Branch Office were completed.

H.A. who underwent a health check at Bayrampaşa State Hospital was sent to Çağlayan Courthouse.
Suspected H.A. was arrested after his interrogation here.

Under the 106/2-b article of the Turkish Criminal Code (TCK), which provides for 3 to 7.5 years of imprisonment for the crime of the suspect, “threatening the person with an unsigned letter or special signs by making oneself unrecognizable” article is the reason for his arresting on the grounds that he committed the crime more than once.

Hrant Dink Foundation shared a death threat via e-mail with the public on 29 May. (Translation, Gözde Yılmaz)