Malatya Üç Horan Church in preparation for the first Mass in years

The restoration work at the Üç Horan (Surp Yerrortutyun) Armenian Church in Malatya has been completed. The building, which will serve as both a church and a cultural center, will host the first Mass in decades, on August 29.

According to the information given to Agos by Kevork Özkaragöz from Malatya HAY-DER (Malatya Armenians Association), the building, which has been in ruins for more than 100 years, was restored with public resources, while Malatya HAY-DER undertook the renovation of the church-related sections and restored the altars and the baptismal section.

The structure will operate with a dual function. The Armenian community will be able to conduct religious rituals (mass, baptism, wedding) in the church, which, at other times, will serve as a cultural center.

At the entrance of the building, there will be a signboard bearing the name "Malatya Üç Horan Church - Taşhoran Cultural Center" in three languages - Turkish, Armenian, and English.

An official opening ceremony will be held on August 26. After the consecration of the church on August 28, the first mass will be held on August 29 with the participation of Patriarch Mashalyan.

The church which stands at a distance of 250 meters to the neighborhood where Hrant Dink was born, has been under the ownership of the Treasury and Malatya Municipality for a long time, and is listed as a "church" in the deed.  


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