Hate Speech in the Press: Selections from October, November and December

Hrant Dink Foundation has been conducting the project titled “Media Watch on Hate Speech” since 2009. The report for October, November and December 2023 has been published.

The report included the following findings:

Using critical discourse analysis, we analyzed news articles and columns containing hate speech targeting national, ethnic and religious identity groups and LGBTI+ people in the print media in October, November and December 2023. You can access news clippings and detailed analyses at "Our Selections from October, November and December"

In Turkish print media within the months of October, November and December 2023:

-The visibility of LGBTI+ people was problematized, with claims that they posed a threat to the social structure, and homophobic discourse was generated by targeting gender identity and sexual orientation groups.

-Refugees were targeted by associating crime with identity, and the number of people migrating to Turkey was problematized by claiming that refugees pose a threat of invasion.

-Responsibility for the actions committed by a group was attributed to Jewish identity through the use of negative references and Jews were associated with hostility.

-In news articles covering the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan and historical events, Armenian identity was mentioned with expressions that reinforced prejudice and hostility.

-Hindus were associated with violence and their identity was pointed out as being responsible for the violent incidents targeting Muslims in India.

-Through historical narratives, Palestinian and Arab identities became targets of hate speech through the use of negative adjectives.

For the full report: Hate Speech in the Press: Our Selections from October, November and December