Minority Representative to be Armenian

The agenda of the meeting of the Interfoundational Solidarity Platform (VADİP) held on 17 November 2014 was the Minority Foundations Representative elections. The elections will be held on 28 December, and a total of 125 Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Syriac foundations will vote, the minority representative to replace Laki Vingas is expected to be Armenian.



 The Interfoundational Solidarity Platform (VADİP) met on 17 November 2014, Monday. The agenda of the meeting, also attended by Assembly of Foundations Minority Representative Laki Vingas, whose second term in duty ends at the end of December, was the Minority Foundations Representative elections to be held in January in Ankara. Representatives of over thirty foundations and the press attended the meeting held at the Bilek Nursing Home Hall of the Surp Pırgiç Hospital. The session chaired by Surp Pırgiç Hospital Board chairman Bedros Şirinoğlu began at 17.30 because of the Tata Simonyan concert on the same day organized within the scope of the events held for the ‘100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Karagözyan Orphanage’.

At the meeting, foundation representatives aired their views about the duty of the Minority Representative at the Assembly of Foundations. Following this brief session, Laki Vingas presented a speech.

 Vingas expressed his delight in addressing VADİP, the highest committee formed by Armenian foundations, and spoke about his six-year term and the current meaning of the position of Minority Representative. He added that his idea, previously expressed in his statement to Agos, about Greek foundations supporting an Armenian candidate for this position, had received clear support in the most recent meeting of the Greek Community Foundations Support Association (RUMVADER). Reminding his audience that he was the joint candidate within the scope of the gentleman’s agreement made by Armenian foundations, Vingas stated that it was of great importance both ethically, and in terms of working practice, that the consensus be retained and an Armenian candidate is supported in the future as well. Vingas explained that his view received widespread support from Greek foundations in the most recent meeting of RUMVADER and was finalized as a decree. Vingas added that Greek foundations were looking forward to meet the candidate of the Armenian community, and answered the questions of foundation representatives after his speech.

Şahingöz is candidate for nomination

In his speech at the meeting, Bedros Şirinoğlu stated that they had to nominate a young candidate who had his own vision, and spoke at least two languages. Şirinoğlu made a call for candidates who fit these criteria to submit their candidacy to VADİP at the meeting to be held on 24 November, Monday; and advised towards a consensus on a single candidate. VADİP General Secretary Harutyun Şanlı explained that he had contacted the Representative of the Jewish Community as the meeting continued, and had learned that Jewish foundations also desired to support the Armenian candidate.

 Meanwhile, taking the floor at the meeting, Ortaköy Surp Asdvadzadzin Foundation President İskender Şahingöz declared his desire to apply for the position of Minority Representative. The experienced administrator stated that in addition to speaking foreign languages, the candidate had to meet the criteria of a familiarity with the modus operandi of the country, and expressing the problems of minorities in the most effective manner in Ankara, and called for support from minority representatives.

A total of 125 Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Syriac foundations will vote at the elections to be held on 28 December.