Festival atmosphere at 100th anniversary celebrations of Karagözyan

The Karagözyan Orphanage Foundation has been celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding with various events since 2013, and the events were crowned with a series of evening receptions that took place with broad participation from the community.


The 100th Anniversary Ball was held at the Marriott Hotel Ballroom, and was a magnificent event that brought together Armenian community leaders. Those who were amongst the 400 invitees at the ball held on 15 November Saturday at Marriott Hotel, witnessed a splendid night, which was the outcome of long preparation. The Ball Organization Committee headed by Şnorhik Altun prepared the reception, and all the necessary details to make this a night to remember had been thought of. Invitees took their places at the meticulously prepared tables, and were first shown a video summarizing the 100-year history of the school, and the celebration events.

A Dream Has Come True

The ball was enlivened by the energetic hosting of popular actor Kevork Türker; and Hayk Aslanyan, President of the 100th anniversary Celebration Committee was the first to be invited to the stage. Aslanyan summarized the activities organized over the past year, and added that he was part of the first administration of Karagözyan that assumed duty with the election held in 1961, and that he served for 20 years, with 12 years as Foundation President. Aslanyan explained that they showed an incredible effort throughout those 20 years to keep the school alive, and that the condition Karagözyan was in today under the leadership of Foundation President Dikran Gülmezgil was a source of pride. Aslanyan added that the costs of all 100th anniversary events including the ball and the Tata Simonyan concert had been met by Foundation President Dikran Gülmezgil, and thanked all members of the organization committee who contributed to the celebration of the 100th anniversary in the best manner.
Revenues Belong to the Entire Community

After Aslanyan, Foundation President Dikran Gülmezgil was invited to the stage. In his speech, Gülmezgil stated that they had today reached the point they had dreamed of since 2002, when they assumed duty, and also touched upon the bureaucratic obstacles they faced over the years. Gülmezgil mentioned the various difficulties they had to overcome because of stringent laws, and added, “During that period, the Foundations General Directorate dismissed our board of directors because we built a toilet on the market site within the registered land of our foundation. Today, on the site where that toilet could not be built, the building we are in now, and KEY Plaza have been constructed”. Underlining the fact that the change in the stringent laws, and the return of minority properties seized by the state took place during the term of the AKP government, Dikran Gülmezgil thanked President Erdoğan. Gülmezgil expressed that KEY Plaza was the greatest acquisition of the foundation in its 100th year, and explained that the revenues from the plaza would be first spent for providing the highest quality of education at Karagözyan, and that the remaining part would be transferred to other schools, institutions and media outlets that need it. Gülmezgil concluded his speech by stating that the ball marked the beginning of a new period for the Armenian community.