Agos introduces English version online

Agos has renewed its website, and has introduced an online English version.

The English version of Agos will include translations of day-to-day coverage as well as feature stories and serials. 

The website will now also be available on smart phones and other smart devices. 

This is the first comprehensive change to the site since Agos first launched its online version in 2008. 

The website will be administered by Gözde Kazaz and English translations will be made by Nazım Dikbaş. 

“We have spent several long nights for this version,” said Enver Timuçin, from Argebiz Software Consulting Group. 

“We tried to compile the broken data left over from the old system. We can say that we did a smooth job.”  Rupen Melkisetoğlu from Argebiz Software Consulting Group said while the website was previously subjected to ultranationalist hacker attacks, they have done their best to tighten up the security of the website.

Agos website has been supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the MyMedia programme


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