Taliban terror in Pakistan: 126 killed, most of them children

A Taliban assault on a school in a military zone in Peshawar has killed 126. There were around 500 students and teachers at the school at the time of the assault carried out by at least 6 Taliban militants.

Hospital sources stated that there were many heavy injuries and that the number of casualties could rise.

The gunmen are still holding an unclear number of children hostage; and clashes are reported to be continuing around the school building. Suicide bombers were also involved in the assault on the school, and there have been unconfirmed reports of two more explosions.

Taliban: Retaliation for Army’s North Waziristan operations

In a statement, the Pakistani Taliban said the attack had been carried out in retaliation for the recent operations carried out by the Pakistani army, during which the Taliban is believed to have suffered heavy losses.


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