Around the corner from the Chora church sits a wooden building, a cultural hub for the city’s burgeoning Syrian population. This month, Pages, one of Istanbul’s two Arabic book stores, tucked carefully between the back streets of Edirnekapi, is celebrating its first anniversary.

This anti-elite uprising, however, has been carefully guided and spurred on by media and political elites in Britain for years. Scapegoating of migrants, particularly those from the EU, forced on the UK by supposedly draconian policies from Brussels, has reigned supreme for well over a decade. The familiar argument that migration is a drain on British jobs and resources has been spurred on by the most widely read newspapers in the UK, with centre, right, and sometimes leftist politicians fanning the flames.

A new report realesed by Council of Europe’s Monitoring Committee, has criticised the Turkish government on multiple counts: Human rights abuse allegations in Kurdish areas, Restrictions on press freedoms and freedom of speech, ect…