For a year, it has been discussed whether the Pope will go to Armenia. The announcement from Etchmiadzin, the main religious center of the Armenian people, has seemingly ended this discussion.

Reaction against sex-selective abortion increases day by day in Armenia. Last week, a campaign is started for raising awareness about this issue.

We talked to Tevan Poghosyan, an Armenian MP since 2012 and the former Washington representative of Karabakh (between 1997 and 1999), about the sources and possible results of Karabakh crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

A referendum was held in Armenia on Sunday and people said ‘yes’ to constitutional amendments for transition to parliamentary system, but the debates still continue. Thinking that this amendment serves for Sargsyan’s maintaining his power, the opposition claims that there was an electoral fraud.

In the past few days, a report that was covered as “shocking news” in Azerbaijan media occupied the agenda in Armenia. According to the report that was covered by almost all media organs of Azerbaijan, Martirosyan, an Armenian dissident activist, found asylum in Azerbaijan. When an insight was gained concerning this issue, it turned out that there are different reasons for Martirosyan’s asylum.

The Genocide Museum in Yerevan hosted an exhibition that is titled “Armenian Sport and Gymnastics in the Ottoman Empire”. The museum director Hayk Demoyan, who wrote a book bearing the same title with the exhibition, and 80-years-old grandson of Shavarsh Qrisian, who were issuing Marmnamarz magazine during Ottoman period and exiled to Ayash in 1915, attended the opening of the exhibition. Alin Ozinian, by way of this exhibition, observes how the Armenians’ contribution to the sports culture of these lands was excluded from the official history and she makes room for a reckoning that is related to remembrance, oblivion and forgiveness.

It was declared that the wanted prosecutors Zekeriya Öz and Celal Kara went to Germany, but their Armenia adventure is still considered as a given fact. Alin Ozinian traces the “fleeing to Armenia” perception in Turkish official authorities and media.

Protests against an electricity price rise appear to have lost momentum: The government’s suspension of the price rise for “re-examination” as well as differences in opinion and indecision among protestors have played their part.