DINK COURT CASE A guide for understanding the Dink case

It has been 10 years since the founder and editor-in-chief of Agos Hrant Dink was shot to death on January 19, 2007, in front of the office of Agos newspaper. Since then, only a few steps have been taken in revealing the ones who ordered this murder and who planned the murder. Here is a brief timeline covering the key actors and cornerstones of the case that has been going on for 10 years.
DINK COURT CASE 10 years of the Dink murder case

One of the judges of Dink murder case remarked on the murder during a trial: “Think about a book. You know what will happen in the end, the moment you start to read it.” It is the exact definition of the process leading Hrant Dink to death.
DINK COURT CASE Yılmazer: You should arrest the minister of interior who assigned me

Dink murder suspect Ali Fuat Yılmazer talked about the claim that he was assigned as the chief to the Office C of General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch, because he is a member of the Gulenist organization. He said that the minister of interior had assigned him and claimed that Abdülkadir Aksu, who was the minister at that time, should be arrested.
DINK COURT CASE Yılmazer: Dinç had inexplicable relations

In Dink case, Director of Office C of the General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Ali Fuat Yılmazer started to present his defence. Yılmazer accused the personnel of Istanbul and Trabzon directorates of security. He pointed out former chief of General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Engin Dinç's relations with Trabzon gendarmerie personnel; he said, “Dinç had inexplicable relations.” He also talked about Ergenekon and KCK operations.
DINK COURT CASE Dink case starts

10th round of hearings of Dink murder case will continue today in Istanbul. Friends of Hrant was in front of the court house.