DINK COURT CASE Dink murder investigation: Yorulmaz arrested, Ali Öz detained

As part of Hrant Dink murder investigation, the number of detained suspects has risen to 28 with the detention of 3 more personnel from Trabzon Gendarmerie, including Trabzon Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Ali Öz. Ergün Yorulmaz from Trabzon Gendarmerie Intelligence Branch is arrested.
DINK COURT CASE Dink murder: first arrest in gendarmerie

As part of the investigation on Hrant Dink murder, 27 people, including officers from gendarmerie forces, are detained. Abdullah Dinç, an officer from Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command Intelligence Branch, is arrested.
DINK COURT CASE Dink case: Ercan Demir released

The third hearing of the trial of public officials ended. Evaluating the demands of release, the court decided to release Ercan Demir. Ali Fuat Yılmazer and Ramazan Akyürek’s detention continues. The next hearing will be held on August 8, 9, 10 and 12.
DINK COURT CASE Zenit: I wrote “he will be killed”, but it was changed

On the second day of hearings, the cross examination of Muhittin Zenit, who was an officer in Trabzon Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, is continued. Zenit said, “As an officer, I submitted my report as 'he will be killed'. It was redesigned by Engin Dinç and Özkan Mumcu.”