HUMAN RIGHTS A year without Tahir Elçi

It has been almost a year since lawyer Tahir Elçi was murdered. He was the chair of Diyarbakir Bar Association and a human rights defender who devoted his life to solving the unidentified murders. The investigation file was issued months after the murder and the investigating prosecutor of the case had been changed for 3 times. Still, there is no progress in the investigation.
HUMAN RIGHTS The threat against Agos goes unpunished

In the case of the threat against Agos, Nationalist Turkish Party Istanbul Chair Bilal Gökçeyurt and the chair of so-called Turan Organization Ercan Uçar have been acquitted. Agos' lawyer Hakan Bakırcıoğlu objected to the ruling.
HUMAN RIGHTS “Emergency decrees enabled torture in detention”

Human Rights Watch (HRW), in a report released today, stated that there is torture and ill-treatment in police custody, since the key safeguards against torture and ill-treatment are excluded from the decrees that were issued after the coup attempt in July.
HUMAN RIGHTS A resilient refugee in need of support

Life is much harder for the refugees who are faced with the prejudices of the society. And when there is also an illness involved, it is not hard to imagine the extent of the challenges. The young man, whom we call Haig, left Syria because of the war and he is suffering from the aggravated victimization. He is a refugee and HIV positive.